Jewvangelist                                            Series Lead                           YouTube/Aaron Milus
The Neighbors                                         Co-Star                                 ABC/Chris Koch
2014 People’s Choice Awards               Featured                              CBS/Michael Patrick King
The Eric Andre Show                             Featured                               Adult Swim/Kitao Sakurai

The Worst Sex Surprise                         Lead                                      BuzzFeed/Mike Carrier
When You Don't Like Swearing           Lead                                      BuzzFeed/Mike Carrier
You're Single For the Holidays            Lead                                      BuzzFeed/Jordan Imbrey
The Vampire Network                           Lead                                      Funny or Die/Paul Benton

FILM (partial list)
The Constant Process                            Supporting                           Duration Pictures/D. Hunter
The Man From Jalisco                           Supporting                          RJLB Pictures/Ryan Brandt
A Killer Party                                           Lead                                      Chapman/Cooper Hefner
Heavy                                                        Lead                                      USC Masters/Kay Oyegun 
Kowalczyk                                                Supporting                           Chapman/Mike Villasuso

In Mid-Air                                                Lead                                      NYU/Robin Arnott


L.A. Macabre                                           Co-Star                                 Half Ast Productions/Dan Ast
Conversion Disorder                              Guest Star                           Symptom Media/Andrew Rubin
Pure Evil                                                   Guest Star                            Solibald TV/Peter Berkman

Monkey Monkey Dancer                       Co-Star                                 Blind Faith Pictures/Mike Lavoie

THEATER (partial list)
Grave                                                         Marcy (Lead)                      New York, New York
Ring Round the Moon                           Diana (Supporting)           New York, New York
The Fantasticks                                       The Mute (Supporting)    Atlanta, Georgia
Hair                                                            Chrissy (Supporting)        Atlanta, Georgia

Conflicts available upon request

The Groundlings School, Los Angeles:  Improvisation with Jordan Black, Alex Staggs, Drew Droege, and Lisa Schurga

​Alyson Horn & Ross Lacy's Commercial Class:  Commercial Audition Technique with Jonathan Runyon

Keep it Real Acting Studio, Los Angeles:  A to Z Commercial Acting and Advanced Callback

Killian’s Workshop, Los Angeles:  Commercial Technique with Killian McHugh
The Margie Haber Studio, Los Angeles:  Audition and Cold Reading Technique
Michael D. Cohen Studio, Los Angeles:  Comedy Scene Study
Ted Brunetti Studio, Los Angeles:  Scene Study with Ted Brunetti
The William Esper Studio, New York City:  Two-Year Meisner Training Program with Suzanne Esper

Actor’s Movement Studio, New York City:  Williamson Movement Technique with Janice Orlandi
On-Camera Commercial Intensive Class with Brooke Thomas and Mary Egan, New York City​

Best Lead Actress in a Comedy, 2015 Indie Series Awards; Best Comedy Series, 2015 Indie Series (as creator)

Emory University, B.A. in English

SPECIAL SKILLS: Improv, Sketch, Fluent in French, British Accent, Southern Accent, French Accent, Advanced Yoga, Barista Skills, Sewing Skills, Former Peace Corps Volunteer.